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In the latest update V6.1, the SMART CONNECT KNX Remote Access has a VPN server and a KNX Secure connection. This allows you to work on the remote LAN, not only KNX systems remotely, but any other system.

Many other advantages to be discovered:

1.Remote maintenance from anywhere

It has never been so secure and uncomplicated to connect to the KNX system remotely. You can forget about expensive house calls from your system integrator. Desired changes and system maintenance can be carried out quickly and individually, anywhere in the world – even while on the go.

2. Important events on your smartphone

Would you like to know whether everything is OK at home? Let your house tell you. You'll receive messages on your smartphone, e.g. when your smoke detector is activated or when someone rings your doorbell. You can decide whether you would like to be informed by telephone call, text message or e-mail. You can also receive images from the camera and values from the KNX (e.g. room temperature)

3. Remote access to your visualization

You can also access your web-based visualisation remotely, giving you an overview of your building at all times

4. VPN Server

The Remote Access acts as a VPN server with the integrated VPN feature. This allows you to work in the remote network without needing to make complicated router settings. Also, you can maintain not only KNX systems remotely, but any other system, too

5. Security

Decide who may access your system with the simple push of a button using our access and user management. Thanks to data transfer encryption, there’s no chance of prying eyes

6. Not accessible from outside?

Is the IP address of your connection not accessible from outside, e.g. a LTE or UMTS connection? No problem. Our solution works here, too. Unpack, connect and you’re ready to go

The SMART CONNECT KNX Remote Access simply connects to the LAN network. It then connects to the portal server ( automatically via your existing Internet connection. The communication between the Remote Access and the portal server is encrypted and secured with digital certificates.

With a LAN connection, you can now access almost all your network devices using the Internet. Access occurs directly via the SDA portal server or via the SDA client software (Windows).

But don't worry. The portal server is located in Germany and is subject to the German Data Protection Act.

If you already have a gateway, you can update it free of charge using the integrated function on the device's website.

  • Secure remote maintenance and configuration of KNX installations via ETS5

  • Remote maintenance/remote access via VPN

  • Secure remote access to web-based visualisations (HTML)

  • Secure remote access to visualisations with Gira X1 or Gira HomeServer

  • Secure remote access to elements such as cameras, router, printers and as well as any supported IP device

  • Secure data transfer through encryption

  • Firmware 6.1 and higher fully supports KNX Secure

  • Convenient remote diagnostics by saving and retrieving telegram recordings with the data logger

  • Time server to send time and date on the bus at configurable intervals

  • Easy to use regardless of provider and router (LTE or landline, IPv4)

  • Optimised KNX/IP communication for the use of mobile and very slow connections

  • Integrated IP interface with up to three tunnel connections (ETS bus or group monitor)

  • Access management of users and groups can also be controlled via KNX objects

  • Support for 50 notifications (e-mail, SMS2, voicemessage2, IFTTT)

  • Notification triggers can be individually configured (filters, conditions, hysteresis)
  • Integrated Ethernet switch with two RJ45 sockets

  • 2 GB data volume per month (more than enough for maintenance and access to visualisations).

  • Unlimited usage duration and 5 years guaranteed ser ver operation

  • Portal server is located in Germany and is subject to the German Data Protection Law

  • Extensions via firmware updates

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